The Fabulous Orcboy’s NovaCon 2023 Diary (Part 2)

LONG-TIME JUNGLE VISITORS will remember Ken Lacy, aka “The Fabulous Orcboy,” who wrote several posts and contributed to many battle reports and campaigns under the old version of this site. Ken is a 40K veteran, a literal scholar, and a true gentleman whom I have been proud to know for over 20 years.

I’m thrilled that Ken has returned to wargaming after a lengthy hiatus, and honored that he has chosen to share this experiences and insights with the Jungle.


Ken Lacy
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Welcome back to the Magical Mystery Tour!

As noted in the last diary entry, I am planning to attend the 2023 NovaCon convention and participate in a multi-day 40K narrative campaign, where I will be participating on the Salus Preatus (a.k.a “keep the planet from being blowed up!”) side of the campaign. The event asks participants to show up with three pre-generated 1500-point lists, and three pre-generated 2000-point lists. However, the same Leader+Bodyguard unit choice (which acts as my avatar, my so-called Warlord Incarnate) must appear in all six army lists.

Looking through my Sororitas collection, I have about 1750 points of painted models (as per 10th edition points values), and nearly 3000 points more of unpainted models. Of all my 40K armies, my Sisters are easily the least complete and least painted, at first because they were so ornate that I was unhappy with my earliest painting efforts in the 1990s, and later because I struggled to come up with a coherent army concept for the Sisters until the mid-2000s. The spark of inspiration came from realizing that there was a solution to the relentless “grimdark” of the 40K fictional universe: simply refusing to participate in the tropes of the genre.

Kalarippayattu swordswoman

This isn’t a new idea, of course, though I’ve embraced the concept to varying degrees in all my gaming since the early 2000s.  In the table-top role-playing realm, I had enormous fun playing (with the blessing of my fellow players at the table, of course) a Wooster-and-Jeeves inspired slapstick sitcom character in what I find a suffocatingly bleak and hopeless Call of Cthulhu game world. 

I had similar good fun playing a fish-out-of-water Bollywood Action-style Kushan kalarippayattu ribbon swordswoman bodyguard in an overly Machiavellian and intrigue-heavy western European low fantasy setting. 

And as I had gotten quite my fill of wargaming grimdark, I was looking for a way to respond to that as well, in a coherent fashion. If you review my major 40K armies (from the previous post in this series), they all made an effort to push back against the genre of grimdark, and in different ways. For example, my Rebel Grots embrace an tongue-in-cheek form of stereotypical Communism, in contrast to the blatantly techno-fascist grimdark setting, while my “Slann” Tau embody an eons-long dedication to selfless heroism in a hyper-dystopian grimdark universe.

Flashman, taking the British Empire about as seriously as he never does

But ultimately, what inspired my take on the Sisters of Battle were the Commissar Ciaphas Cain novels, which began publication in the early 2000s. Ciaphas Cain is, of course, a pastiche of author George MacDonald Fraser’s Harry Flashman character, and the entire (deliciously irreverent) Flashman series was conceived in the 1960s, during the collapse of, and post-modernist response to, the casual cruelty and ethno-nationalism of European colonialism. 

As a literary tradition, it just slightly predates the dystopian satire of the late 1970s and early 1980s that birthed Judge Dredd, Alan Moore, and the grimdark of Warhammer 40K. Grimdark is, of course, neither irreverent, nor self-aware, nor social critique – instead, it takes themes of authoritarianism, violence, and moral hopelessness and mercilessly dials everything up to eleven. 

But I saw in the self-deprecating and surprisingly humanistic Ciaphas Cain (and Harry Flashman before him) a coherent theme for my Sisters of Battle. Around the same time, Mike Meyers had just completed his Austin Powers film trilogy – gentle tongue-in-cheek parody of the outrageous and outlandish 1960s spy film genre. Irreverence was the key theme connecting all three, with the entire Counterculture 1960s/70s era referenced by Austin Powers acting as a fertile ground for imagery and inspiration. 

Thus the Swingin’ Sisters of Battle were born: fighting the good fight, and taking on the (many, many, many) enemies of Mankind, external and internal…but refusing to take The System and The Man too literally or too seriously. (As should be obvious from both the unit names and the pop-culture inspired titles for all the different squad leaders)

Groovy, dude!

This meant bright colors, Rhino-chassis vehicles decorated like hippy VW vans…and my good friend Chris “Vegascat” (a far better painter than myself) helped get the ball rolling by painting up three half-sized Dominion squads, and a complete Battle Sisters squad, in a variety of different color schemes. 

I added to this starter collection, in fits and spurts over the years, and the units completed to date are a solid base upon which to build 1500-point and 2000-point lists.  However, the 10th edition point values are significantly lower than in previous (at least, 7th and earlier) editions, so I would need to add some more units to ‘bulk up’ my forces, and also provide a little variety between lists.

I decided that for this event, I would create three different types of lists (broadly speaking):

  1. An anti-Marine list that was aimed at fighting T4 3+ bolterboys;
  2. An anti-Horde list that was aimed at aggressively putting down as many T3/T4/T5 W1 5+ models as possible; and,
  3. A “bodies” list that tried to fill the table-top with as many objective-control units as possible, when facing elites armies like Custodes or Knights that can easily wipe out small high-points-value units, but struggle when swamped with a horde. 

I’ve included outlines of the lists at the end of this diary entry for the curious, but want this entry to focus mostly on the specific units themselves.

Obviously, I needed an in-universe explanation for why I was fielding an explosion of differently-colored units. It’s something I’ve done since day one in the hobby, mostly because I learned very quickly that I get bored painting the same color scheme over and over again. 

My solution: my six pregenerated lists would represent different slices of an Inquisitorial Mandate (a collection of military units thrown together ad-hoc to meet a sudden or singular threat), called forth and led by my Warlord, the Interstellar Man of Mystery himself, Inquisitor Powers, himself taken from the Imperial Agents list. 

My Inquisitor would hail from the minor Inquisitorial Ordos Sanctorum, which oversees the Ecclesiarchy, and thus would have the connections to pull together units from half-a-dozen lesser Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. Swell!

May you be warmed by the Emperor’s Love!

As an INQUISITOR, Powers can lead any Imperial Battleline unit, of which there is precisely one in the Sororitas list: units of BATTLE SISTERS. In this case, that unit is the “Wildfire Sisters”, led by Krinophora-Adelphe (Sister of the Lily) Vanessa Kensington, riding the “Mystery Machine”, a dedicated transport IMMOLATOR with twin Immolation Flamers. 

The bodyguard unit itself is ready to go, but I’m repurposing and repainting an old Rogue Trader miniature to stand in for Inquisitor Powers (the model I used for many years carries a shotgun, and that is no longer a weapons option for Inquisitors). Behold his original paint scheme (above) in all the skill a noob gamer in high school could muster!  And of course, I still have to paint the Immolator transport. Three guesses as to the color scheme for the Immolator, given what I’m calling it. Jinkies!

The Immolator’s special rules mean that I always have the option to split the Battle Sisters unit into two half-sized units if I want to double up on Objective Control points, and/or mechanize all those flamers. 

In fact, between the Immolator, the two Ministorum flamers in the unit (one of them a heavy), and Inquisitor Powers himself with his Psychic Shock Wave power, that’s four Torrent flamer-type weapons in one juicy 290-point package. Paraphrasing what my friend Paul always said back in the day: flamers (Torrent weapons) are as good as a Devastating Wounds weapon, because they ignore one of the dice rolls in the shoot-wound-save sequence, and the Swingin’ Sisters are some gnarley flamer-heads with enough Torrent weapons to harsh anybody’s mellow.

The rest of the warhost then consists of various combinations of the following units, with certain units making multiple appearances in multiple lists:

May the Emperor rain down righteousness from above!

THREE (x3) EXORCIST fire-support vehicles, converted from the 2nd-edition Space Marine Whirlwind, with some Sisters of Battle details added. Reflecting how incredibly effective these things are, the Exorcists feature in all but one of my six preconstructed lists.

In line with my Sixties theme, I’ve named them “Eleanor Rigby”, “Purple Haze”, and “White Rabbit”. Two are obviously very bare-bones, as I’ve been planning to add a bunch of graffiti and other imagery a la hippie VW bus style, but this is a lower priority overall as the vehicles are at least painted. 

Note that as of 10th edition, Exorcists have the option to fire a spread of 3D6 anime-style missiles (see below) at S5, but I’ll probably retain the classic old-school S10 missiles with their D6 damage, as the Sisters badly lack long-range, high-strength firepower.

Totally anime

THREE (x3) SORORITAS NOVITIATE units, basically Sisters-in-Training; every one of my six pre-constructed lists features at least one – and usually all three – Novitiate units.

From my perspective (6th edition 40K and earlier), these are a “new” unit type for the Sisters, but on the other hand, the Sisters of Battle no longer have access to Frateris Militia (effectively, in-army Astra Militarum units), so it’s easy enough to repurpose the Frateris models I’d been using – a whole mess of second-hand Necromunda Escher models (technically I suppose that made them “Sororis Militia”?). 

Each Kontoubernia is led by a Dekarchia-Adelphe (“Sister of Ten”) that calls out the classic British spy show “Avengers,” which was itself parodied by the Austin Powers films: Sister Cathy Gale of Krinos (Lily) Kontoubernia, Sister Emma Peel of Eikona (Icon) Kontoubernia, and Sister Tara King of Aetos (Eagle) Kontoubernia.

May ye therefore be followers of the Emperor, as his dear children!

In the past, I had collected enough models for what in the current edition would be a Platoon Command, three Infantry Squads, and two Heavy Weapons teams of Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard), but this included the use of a number of non-GW miniatures, so sticking with just the classic Necromunda models, and shuffling around equipment (and some conversions) to match the current Novitiate rules, gives me three units of ten, each unit carrying two Ministorum flamers as well as the standard autoguns. 

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to paint these models for nearly twenty years, so creating an artificial deadline for NovaCon should work. This is clearly where I’m going to have to spend the bulk of my painting time, and I figure I might as well paint up all fifty-odd models at once, even if I’m only going to use thirty at NovaCon. 

As part of the visual spectacle, each unit will have a single unified color scheme for their clothing that references an iconic outfit from the “Avengers” show, but individual Sisters will be sporting one of over a dozen different dyed hair colors in a not-terribly subtle shout out to modern incarnations of sixties Free Love.

Note that Novitiates are strictly inferior to Battle Sisters in basically every way, and only 20 points cheaper for the privilege (90 points per squad), but they do provide me with more bodies (and objective control) on the tabletop, as well as a source for “Mojo” (miracles) if units are destroyed. Plus, as a very (very) thin silver lining, they are so likely to take damage that the army special rule (“Blood of Martyrs”) is overwhelmingly likely to kick in, meaning that the Novitiates almost literally will be unable to miss with their weapons (hitting on 2+ and rerolling 1’s). Or (more likely), they’ll suck up enemy firepower and provide me with more “Mojo” (miracle) dice. Oh, boy.  I must really, really want me to finish painting these models.

May ye trust in the Emperor with all thy heart!

Given how sub-standard the Novitiates are for their points value, paying +20 points more for standard power-armored Sisters (110 pts per squad) would probably be the wiser choice across the board… but I did want motivation to paint up the Novitiates. And while I could paint up more regular Sisters, I already have three full squads of Battle Sisters finished, which means that after fielding one as my Warlord’s bodyguard unit, I still have another TWO (x2) units of BATTLE SISTERS

I do have sufficient extra models painted in each color scheme to field melta-weapon options, but I prefer sticking with the (whoooooosh-FIRE-bwahahaha) theme, so both the Karma Sisters in green-and-purple, led by Krinophora-Adelpha (Sister of the Lily) Felicity Shagwell, and the Mellow Sisters in yellow, led by Foxxy Cleopatra, will be fielded with heavy and standard Ministorum flamers. 

And while I have plenty of classic Rhinos (and Immolator bits) to mechanize these units, the bulk of those models are still unpainted, and I just prefer not painting vehicles… so instead, these Battle Sisters will usually be bog-standard infantry that travel across the battlefield on the foot, mark one. 

However, in a few lists I’ve given them an Immolator to travel in (requisitioned from the Dominion squads, described more in-depth below). Both for RP and old-school list design reasons, I’m planning to build most of my army lists around a core of both Battle Sisters and Novitiates (save for one 1500 point list designed to shoot up T4 3+ bolterboys, where I’ve instead loaded up with Dominions and Retributors). I like the relative durability of my battle-line units, and the solid objective control of 2 is nothing to sneeze at, either.

May the Emperor make his servants winds, his daughters a blazing fire!

Even when mechanized, a Sororitas army isn’t as mobile as the really fast speed-demon lists that use a variety of movement shenanigans to contest objectives and flank their opponent. TWO (x2) small units of SERAPHIM are a reasonable threat to scouts and flankers, with their ability to fly, reposition via the “Angelic Ascent” special rule, and deep-strike virtually anywhere onto the table. 

They are equipped as standard with a brace of bolt pistols (basically hitting about as hard as a rapid-firing bolter) but it’s those Ministorum hand-flamer upgrades (whoooooosh-FIRE-bwahahaha) that really bring the pain. Plus, at a modest 70 points for five models, Aetophora-Adelphe (Sister of the Eagle) Kathleen “Nina” Simone and her Cosmic Dancers, and Grace “Slick” Barnett and her Star Children, can be sacrificed for a little more “Mojo”, without having given up a significant chunk of my army list.

For many editions and interations of the Sororitas rules, the Seraphim were limited to one sister with hand-flamers for every five models in the unit, but the current 10th edition rules allow me to field two sets of hand-flamers for every five models (thus, effectively FOUR flamers in each very mobile unit!). As you can see in the image above, I therefore had to convert two of my already-painted Seraphim models, but given the many years I’ve been in the hobby, it was easy enough to track down four hand flamer pistols in my bits collection, and then take a hacksaw to two of these solid pewter models. 

There are some crusty grognards out there in the hobby that insist that pewter models are superior than plastic ones. I am definitely not one of their number; plastic (or resin) are much easier to chop up and convert than metal, particularly pewter. But I’ve had plenty of practice working with metal models, for better or worse, so it took less than a day to convert, spot prime, and paint up the additional two hand-flamers.

May the fire of the Emperor give you light in the darkness!

As much as the Swingin’ Sisters really excel at spreading the Love of the Emperor (it blazes like the brightest flame!), I know from past experience that Sororitas need a little help cracking open heavy armor, more than just the Exorcists can do on their own. Here, I’m relying on TWO (x2) units of DOMINIONS, each armed with four meltaguns and (usually) thrown into the passenger compartment of an IMMOLATOR equipped with Immolation Flamers. Megaleikona-Adelphe (Sister of the Great Icon) Mary Travers leads the Sisters of Autumn Mist, riding in “Honah Lee,” and Sheila Franklin leads the Sisters of Aquarius, riding in “Let the Sunshine In.”

Note that the Immolator rules allow me to split the Dominions into two smaller units if I wish (which I obviously would in nearly every circumstance), and give me a five-woman squad with bolters to hold objectives, while a five-woman squad with meltaguns (and Condemnor Bolter) can race forward to shoot up some heavy armor… or headhunt, in a pinch.

Starting back in 3rd edition (when it became clear that Games Workshop was perfectly happy to rewrite entire army lists and rules-sets [and unit limits] from edition to edition), I started “future-proofing” my non-battleline sisters units in such a way that I could always field them as standard Battle Sisters units. This was important because, for my own hobbying sanity, I rarely use the same paint scheme across multiple units in an army. 

For the Dominions, that involved “pairing” them with some heavy weapons so that I could get a good assault/heavy weapon mix for a standard Battle Sisters unit, in this case (as you can see above) a meltagun and heavy bolter combination. In earlier editions of 40K, I would ‘match up’ a 6-woman unit of Dominions (designed to easily fit in an Immolator) with a 10-woman unit of Retributors (with ablative wounds to protect the heavy weapons), allowing me to field a 10-woman Battle Sisters unit if I dropped the extra assault and heavy weapons. 

In 10th edition, I can still field both non-battleline units simultaneously, but as a result of tweaks to unit sizes, I must field a 10-woman unit of Dominions, and only a five-woman unit of Retributors, making the former seem too bulky for their preferred ride, and the latter very fragile when shot at. Not sure this is necessarily ideal, but I’m sure the writers at GW had a good reason to….Wait, I’ll come in again.

Amusingly for army design purposes, the Dominions and Retributors and Immolators are currently the exact same point value: 130 points apiece. This makes swapping units between different army lists quite a bit simpler; in all, I’m fielding Dominions in four of my six pre-set army lists, and Immolators in (an overlapping but not identical) four of my six pre-set army lists; usually with the Dominions, but with the Battle Sisters (discussed above) otherwise.

As you can see, until this summer I had never quite gotten around to painting up the full unit, although my friend Chris has been kind enough to provide several striking color schemes as a ‘starter,’ having painted up several five-woman units back during an early edition of 40K when Dominion squads could only bring two assault weapons per five models. 

That means that I had to match (or at least approximate) the existing paint schemes, something that proved to be easier with the gold-armored Sisters of Autumn Mist, and more challenging for the blue-armored Sisters of Aquarius (as I don’t have a clean match for that particular shade of light blue, I fudged with some ink-and-drybrush shenanigans… which happily allowed me to skip at lot of the time-consuming panel-lining). If I have enough time before NovaCon, I’ll add some beatnik decorations to the two Immolators, but otherwise they’ll stay plain-Jane for at least another while.

May the Emperor bring Retribution upon his enemies!

Which leads to the last set of units I’m planning to field: TWO (x2) units of RETRIBUTORS, with the classic array of quad-Heavy Bolters. In theory, I could field them with multimeltas or heavy flamers, but then they’re better off zipping around the battle-field in an Immolator or Rhino, and again…I prefer painting models over vehicles.  So I’m going to mark that down as a goal for Future Orcboy, and just making sure the paint schemes match up with the Dominion squads (discussed above). 

With names (and hair colors) shamelessly cribbed from the “Mystery Machine” Immolator that is transporting Inquisitor Powers and his bodyguard, Aetophora-Adelphe (Sister of the Eagle) Velma Dinkley is leading the gold-armored Magic Dragons, while Daphne Blake is leading the blue-armored Fifth Dimension.  

As they come in very compact (flimsy?) five-woman squads in this 10th edition, the Retributors are intended to sit in the rear lines and take up a firing position with good cover and line-of-sight, but given their limited utility against T4 3+ bolter boys (even if they cause two wounds worth of damage, the modest -1 save means that the full fury of four heavy bolters on average will only drop… three bolter boys), I’m including them in just four of my six pre-set lists. They’ll be much more useful against hordes, and fairly modest in cost at just 130 points for some backline firepower to fill the gaps. 

To be honest, the Exorcists are far more dangerous (and fearsome), but I’m limited to just three in this edition, and I’m hoping the Retributors can do some damage if used wisely. Plus it’s been a long, long time since Sororitas Retributors were at all cost-effective, and it seems like 10e might come closer than prior editions to making that possible. To be clear: they still seem decidedly sub-optimal, but they’re probably a “C-“ grade currently, as opposed to a flaming hot “F” as they were in previous editions.

The final addition to the list is sheer points-filler: four of my pre-set lists have a ‘gap’ of roughly 50 points. Now, the practical and competitive solution would be to drop the three units of Novitiates entirely, and instead field more Battle Sisters units, as well as a transport or two. However, if I was aiming for practical and competitive, I’d be using a different army list (like Eldar, for example), as Sisters of Battle (with a few brief exceptions in 4th edition) have never been a “killer” army, and typically trend about as competitive as the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Wheels, Detroit’s Wayne State Warriors, or AFC Richmond

So instead, I’m going with fun and fluffy flavor, with a wacky conversion using a spare Sororitas model and some (again, second-hand) Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar bits. She’s been converted to be a cheap character model that joins one of my Sisters units; either as a DIALOGUS, Ihumenia “Soul Sister” Turner, or as a DOGMATA, Ihumenia “Aunty” Entity. I’ll include a photo when I’ve finishing slapping colors on her, as right now she’s a lovely shade of white primer. 

The Dialogus would best be attached to a Dominion unit, to give it a little more influence over “Mojo” (miracle) dice and Stratagems. Useful when I need something to be dead, please. The Dogmata, on the other hand, is better with a Battle Sisters unit, making sure that it has a bit more Objective Control. Again, this isn’t terribly optimal, but it is at least a flavorful homage – and if you don’t get the references, both names are effectively the same person (one very influential Miss Anna Mae Bullock), who died just this year in 2023.

Of course, I’ll also need to bring along objective markers and Cherub markers, but I’ve got a whole bunch of ammo crates and “force-field generator” dioramas from a long-ago purchase of alternative miniatures. They’ll be perfectly functional in this role, and were very easy to paint up, as well (picture to be included with the Dialogus/Dogmata in the next diary entry). 

And with that, my model choices and painting needs have been organized.  All that’s left is to actually stick with the painting schedule and crank out five units, two characters, and one vehicle. And a few tweaks and decorations here and there to already finished models. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? But oh, how those battalions of pretty, pretty new Battletech models are calling to me….

This 85-ton giant stompy robot wants to be your friend.

For those who are curious, here are the six different pre-set lists I’m planning to run. I’ve given each of them a fun-and-fluffy name to add a little character; the names were generated by Realm of Plastic’s Sororitas Order generator; they have name generators for a lot of different armies and races, if you’re curious to check them out (click on the “Name Generator” tag at the bottom of the link above if you want more options). As noted, I’ve made three different pre-set lists for each of 1500 and 2000 points, all with a moderate “skew”, but using many of the same units repeatedly.

Anointed Angel Mandate (1500 points; Anti-Marine)
  • Warlord + Retinue in Flamer Immolator (290): Psyker w/ForccWeap, Condemnor+ HeavyFlam+ Flamer+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Novitiate (180): Superior w/mix of weapons, Double Flamers + Simulacrum
  • 2x Dominion in Flamer Immolators (520): Condemnor+ Quad Meltaguns+ Simulacrum
  • 3x Exorcist (510): Big badda booms (Exorcist Missiles)
Bronze Sacrament Mandate (1490 points; Anti-Swarm)
  • Warlord + Retinue in Flamer Immolator (290): Psyker w/ForccWeap, Condemnor+ HeavyFlam+ Flamer+ Simulacrum
  • 1x Battle Sisters in Flamer Immolator (240): Condemnor + HeavyFlam +Flamer +Simulacrum
  • 1x Novitiates in Flamer Immolator (220): Plasma Pistol + Power Weap, Double Flamers + Simulacrum
  • 2x Seraphim (140): Plasma Pistol +Power Weapon, 2x Hand Flamers
  • 2x Retributor (260): Condemnor +Quad Heavy Bolters
  • 2x Exorcist (340): Big badda booms (Exorcist Missiles)
Enduring Exorcist Mandate (1490 points; Bodies)
  • Warlord + Retinue in Flamer Immolator (290): Psyker w/ForccWeap, Condemnor+ HeavyFlam+ Flamer+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Battle Sisters (220): Condemnor + HeavyFlam +Flamer +Simulacrum
  • 1x Dogmata (50) with one Battle Sisters unit
  • 3x Novitiate (270): Superior w/mix of weapons, Double Flamers + Simulacrum
  • 2x Dominion (260): Condemnor+ Quad Meltaguns+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Seraphim (140): Plasma Pistol +Power Weapon, 2x Hand Flamers
  • 2x Retributor (260): Condemnor +Quad Heavy Bolters
Pious Celebrant Mandate (1985 points; Anti-Marine)
  • Warlord + Retinue in Flamer Immolator (290): Psyker w/ForccWeap, Condemnor+ HeavyFlam+ Flamer+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Battle Sisters (220): Condemnor + HeavyFlam +Flamer +Simulacrum
  • 3x Novitiate (270): Superior w/mix of weapons, Double Flamers + Simulacrum
  • 2x Dominion in Flamer Immolators (520): Condemnor+ Quad Meltaguns+ Simulacrum
  • 1x Dialogus (35) with one Dominion unit
  • 2x Seraphim (140): Plasma Pistol +Power Weapon, 2x Hand Flamers
  • 3x Exorcist (510): Big badda booms (Exorcist Missiles)
Scarlet Raven Mandate (2000 points; Anti-Swarm)
  • Warlord + Retinue in Flamer Immolator (290): Psyker w/ForccWeap, Condemnor+ HeavyFlam+ Flamer+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Battle Sisters in Flamer Immolator (480): Condemnor + HeavyFlam +Flamer +Simulacrum
  • 1x Dogmata (50) with one Battle Sisters unit
  • 3x Novitiate (270): Superior w/mix of weapons, Double Flamers + Simulacrum
  • 2x Seraphim (140): Plasma Pistol +Power Weapon, 2x Hand Flamers
  • 2x Retributor (260): Condemnor +Quad Heavy Bolters
  • 3x Exorcist (510): Big badda booms (Exorcist Missiles)
Vigilant Lady Mandate (2000 points; Bodies)
  • Warlord + Retinue in Flamer Immolator (290): Psyker w/ForccWeap, Condemnor+ HeavyFlam+ Flamer+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Battle Sisters (220): Condemnor + HeavyFlam +Flamer +Simulacrum
  • 1x Dogmata (50) with one Battle Sisters unit
  • 3x Novitiate (270): Superior w/mix of weapons, Double Flamers + Simulacrum
  • 2x Dominion (260): Condemnor+ Quad Meltaguns+ Simulacrum
  • 2x Seraphim (140): Plasma Pistol +Power Weapon, 2x Hand Flamers
  • 2x Retributor (260): Condemnor +Quad Heavy Bolters
  • 3x Exorcist (510): Big badda booms (Exorcist Missiles)

Come back soon for Part 3!