Armies of the Jungle: Fighting Tigers of Veda, “White Tigers” (Shikar #1)

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In this series, we showcase armies used by your humble Jungle Guides. By detailing how the army was collected, how the background and color schemes were developed, and how the army is used on the battlefield, we hope that this series will provide inspiration for those interested in collecting similar armies.

“We have lost contact with Veda.”

There was silence on the bridge of the Battle Barge where the leaders of the Fighting Tigers had gathered.  Then Librarian Zaghnal Maratha spoke again.

“It is no mere Warp storm that will subside. It is, I believe, something much worse.  The Maelstrom has swelled, shifted, and engulfed Veda.  Our home world may very well be no more.”

“What is the latest on the Red Corsairs?” Raja Khandar Madu asked.

“Nothing new,” Kshatriya Jirbu Ghosh replied, “since we engaged that small force on Kepton’s Minl.”

“We cannot abandon our Crusade against them,” Anhurada Chawla, most-senior of the Chaplains, or Tigers of Varuna, said.

“Agreed,” replied Raja Rama Ayodhya. “And we’re also tasked with ridding this sector of the Drukhari and Aeldari, the Orks and Dvergar, the Kurindans and Necrons, and the remnants of Hive Fleet Ravana.”  He shook his head.  “So many of them, all of them resurgent.”

“Then there is the traitor Shamshir Talatra,” Chandramatie Bahl reminded them, “and his ‘Fearful Symmetry’ of Daemons.”

“Too many threats, all at once,” Khandar Madu said.  “And Veda seemingly lost.”

“But we’re strong,” Rama Ayodhya replied.  “There are many more of us than even in my first tenure.”

“More of us than ever,” Zaghnal Maratha pointed out, “even than at our Founding.  Much more than Guilliman would allow—if he knew.”

Anhurada Chawla frowned. “Varman Kumar would not be pleased.”

“Kumar sanctioned it,” Zaghnal Maratha told her.

“I did not,” she replied.

“Regardless,” Khandar Madu said, rising from the table, “I see no other option but to split the Tigers, at least for a while, but perhaps forever.”

Rama Ayodhya nodded.  “Send most of our forces after the Corsairs, and some against the others.  I’ll finish off Ravana.  They won’t get away from me this time.  But I’ll need help, Zaghnal.  A lot’s changed between then and now.”

“I’ll be with you, Raja.”

“Shamshir is mine,” Chandramatie Bahl insisted.  “For Talwar’s sake.”

“In time,” Khandar Madu told her.  “Daksha Ram, you will return to Veda.”

“I hear and obey, Raja.”

“Jirbu Ghosh, it’s fitting that you serve karma as it relates to the Ozone Scorpions.  Anhurada, you and I—with Chandramatie’s assistance—will keep pursuing Blackheart.”  Khandar Madu looked around the table.  “Are we agreed?”

“We are,” Rama Ayodhya said.  “Assemble the strike forces.  Let the hunts begin.”

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