Fighting Tigers Coming to the Biggest Jungle of Them All

The Jungle is turning 20 years old, and we’re celebrating! Come back every day from February 2 through February 8 for new material! 

If you’re a long-time visitor to the old version of this site (which you can find here, btw), it’s quite possible that you read one or more of the fan-fiction pieces that I posted there.  If you did, I hope you enjoyed them, and if you’d like more, I’m excited to tell you that in the near future, you will be able to get it.  Not just on this site, but on another jungle: Amazon.

Yeah, seriously.


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Silence in the Jungle

IFFN YOU’RE WONDERING, Faithful Jungle Fanboy or Fangirl, why it has been over two months since I last updated this site, it has not been for want of enthusiasm, or that something horrible has happened to me or my loved ones, or anything of the sort.  Rather, it has been because I have been working very hard on this:

This Wasted Land will be my third published novel (after Dragontamer’s Daughters and Lost Dogs), a young adult dark fantasy work that I currently plan to release through Amazon on October 15 of this year.  What’s it about?

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