Tigers of a Different Stripe (Primaris Version)

The Fighting Tigers of Veda have been online for 21 years, and every so often, someone will e-mail me photos of their Tiger minis. I’m always glad to see what someone who can actually paint decently does with them! If you’ve painted up some and would like me to share them here, shoot an e-mail to me: kentonkilgore@kentonkilgore.com.

People have sometimes asked me if there are there Primaris Fighting Tigers of Veda. Well, there are now! Mik Burns (aka Cygnus46 on Instagram) has been hard at working painting up these, to bring stripey retribution to the enemies of the Imperium!

Lieutenant Ba’agh reporting for duty! The figure is the limited edition 500th Store Opening Primaris Lieutenant
Primaris Infiltrator Squad

Phobos Lieutenant Vihan
Primaris Infiltrator Medical and Comms Specialists
Assault Intercessors
Lieutenant Chuluun

Too cool, right? Currently, Mik’s working on some Outriders, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. You can follow him on Instagram here. Thanks for sending these in, Mik!

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