7 (not 9) Things I’d Like from 9th Edition

In case you missed it, Games Workshop announced a few days ago that they are releasing a new version–the 9th Edition–of Warhammer 40,000.  Here’s a promo video from warhammer40000.com:

I’ve been playing since 1987’s 1st Edition–aka “Rogue Trader”–and 8th has been my favorite of all the versions. So, I don’t have many complaints.

But seeing as how a new game is on its way, here are a few things (a mere seven) that I’m hoping will be changed (and it looks from the video that some definitely will be).

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Battles With the Becker Boys, Part 5

For almost 20 years, my family and I have been good friends with our neighbors across the street, the Becker’s, who have two sons: Nathan (19) and Dylan (18). The “Becker Boys” are ardent video gamers, and recently got into 40K, with Nate choosing Space Marines, and Dylan picking up Space Wolves.

I’ve been teaching them to play, with demo games against Necrons, a “for-real” match against Tyranids, an Open Play vs. my Dvergar Steeljacks (proxied Adeptus Mechanicus), and a pair of Christmas-themed battles against my Dark Eldar.

Back home early from college (thanks, Corona-Chan!), Dylan wanted to get in a game a few weeks ago, so I proposed that we mask- and glove up, keep our social distance, and pit his Wolves against my proxied Chaos Daemons of Khorne.

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