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Themed Army Ideas
Other Dark Eldar Themed Army Ideas

The Wild Hunt
Recently, I purchased The Complete Games Workshop Catalog and Hobby Reference, 2004-2005 Edition, an invaluable reference for folks who like to convert figures and/or build themed armies. Being a Dark Eldar player, I was curious to see what the models from the Dark Elf range (from the Warhammer fantasy game) looked like. Once I saw them, the wheels in my head started spinning on how one would go about using some of those cool Dark Elf models in 40K….

The Kabal of the Dragon Princes specializes in providing captives for the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh. The Kabal’s raiding parties—each known as a “Wild Hunt”—excels at capturing ferocious aliens like Orks and Tyranids, which fetch high prices in the slave markets. 

The Kabal is a conservative organization, preferring older, traditional ways over high-tech weaponry. Each Wild Hunt relies on prowess with the blade and the assistance of Warp-spawned entities. In game terms, each Wild Hunt is a Wych Cult army as described on page 6 of Codex: Dark Eldar.

Dark Eldar Wych Lord, with or without a Retinue. 

Mandrakes are often used as scouts, so at least one unit must be taken. Units of Warriors, either on foot or mounted on Warp-Dragons (equivalent to Raiders), may be fielded. 

In homage to the ancient hunting traditions of the Dark Eldar, each Wild Hunt must include at least two Wych squads on foot and two Warp Beast packs. 

Fast Attack
A Wild Hunt often relies on Wyches mounted on flying Warp entities (equivalent to Reaver jetbikes) or on Hellions mounted on Warp-bats.

Heavy Support
A Wild Hunt needs considerable firepower support when hunting Orks and Tyranids. Units of Scourges and especially powerful Warp-Dragons (equivalent to Ravagers) may be brought along on expeditions. 

Painting and Modeling
Each Wild Hunt is a visual celebration of the Dark Eldar heritage. Thus, it is appropriate for most (if not all) figures to come from the Dark Elf line of the Warhammer fantasy game, as suggested below:

  • Wych Lord: Beastmaster, Sorceress, or special character figures
  • Mandrakes: Assassin or Shade figures
  • Warriors: Dark Elf Warriors with crossbows
  • Wyches: Dark Elf Witches or Corsairs
  • Reavers: Dark Riders or Cold One Knights (perhaps with wings on the mounts)
  • Hellions: Dark Riders or Cold One Knights figures, mounted on Fell Bats from the Vampire Counts range
Above left: Assassins would make excellent Mandrakes. Below left: Witch Elves.
Right: The staff of this Sorceress could easily be converted into a spear-like Wych weapon
Photos © copyright Games Workshop, 2004

One could use various dragon models for Raiders, considering each dragon a “Warp entity” able to carry up to 10 riders and able to breath bolts of “warp energy” equivalent to dark lances or disintegrators. I think the War Hydra (below), if given wings, would make a fine and easily recognizable “Ravager.”

Slap some wings on that Hydra and it's ready to rock and roll...
Photo © copyright Games Workshop, 2004

With a little imagination and modeling skill, one could convert dragons to have the equivalents of screaming jets (larger wings?), slave snares (chains dangling from its legs?), horrorfexes (especially ferocious visages?) or other “vehicle upgrades.” 

Armor should be painted in black and/or other dark colors and figures may be decorated with animal pelts and trophies to visually portray a “huntsman” motif. Mount all figures on round bases, not the square ones that they come with, so that they look like they belong in the 40K universe.

General Tactics
A Wild Hunt favors close combat and prides itself on being able to capture the most dangerous prey in the 40K universe: Orks and Tyranids. A clever player will need to soften up the enemy with withering firepower before carefully applying their Wych troops to bring down the survivors. Then it’s back to the slave markets to make a killing! 

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© Copyright Kenton Kilgore, August 2004. 


Fighting Tigers:
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