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Themed Army Ideas
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28th Cadian Regimental Combat Team ("Mandalay Irregulars") by Jennifer Burdoo
This is a 5th Edition update of my first Themed Army Idea, the Vedic Tiger Warriors, an Imperial Guard regiment raised from the same world as the Fighting Tigers Space Marines.  Originally they were low-tech Guard, basically the 19th-Century Indian Army in 40K.  I've since built the army, and have changed the concept a lot in the process.  I started with a plan for an Australian-style jungle-fighting regiment, then fed in the background of someone else's army which was donated to me for conversion fodder, and finally tied it back into Vedic fluff by adding characters from this website. So now my army is inspired by the eclectic Indian Army of World War II, which included or fought alongside troops from all over the world, including the American Flying Tigers.

When the veteran 28th Cadian RCT was assigned to the Fourth Mandalay Incursion, it was plunged into a vicious Ork-fighting campaign in tropical terrain.  Battling for six years, the 28th replaced its heavy casualties by amalgamating with other regiments, including units from nearby Regulus 9.

The 28th draws its strength from the wide variety of troops and vehicles in its ranks, their hard-earned experience, and their willingness to fight alongside each other as brothers in arms.

Per Codex: Imperial Guard.  Note that the 28th's Commissars rarely last long; the jaded veterans take no nonsense from anyone, and those they cannot respect tend to quietly... disappear.

The 28th is joined by Abhumans from the Regulus 9 system, including Iron Lions (Ogryns) and Roary Tolman's Tomcats (Ratlings).

Infantry platoons are the core of the 28th.  They include not just Cadians, but Vedics, Kenteans, Drookians, and many others.  Many are Veterans.  Most have discarded their helmets for the distinctive Gundagai bush-hat and have dyed their uniforms green to blend into the jungle.

Fast Attack
The 28th's recon platoon is composed of Sentinels and Rough Riders.  Hellhounds bring flaming death to the jungle.  Air support is provided by aircraft of the 10th Mandalay Air Commandos. 

Heavy Support
Leman Russ companies of the 3rd Vedic Cavalry provide much appreciated firepower.  There are also a few Hydras and Griffons for support.

Modeling and Painting
Most of my models are 2nd-Edition Cadians – I prefer them to the more high-tech plastic models.  There are plenty of other old models mixed in, including Catachans, Tallarns and Necromundans.  Most have the tops of their heads removed and replaced with custom-made Australian slouch hats.  I've also added tiny kukris, the distinctive combat knife of Nepal, for an exotic detail.


The paint scheme for both infantry and vehicles is jungle green, typically a spray of light green followed by a wash of dark green.  Skin is painted in various shades of brown, boots in black and weapons in Boltgun Metal.  It's a drab scheme, but quick and easy. 

To tie my army to Veda, I've also converted Iron Lions and Roary Tolman's Tomcats – Tolman himself is converted with a Space Wolf helmet and a “bag of tricks.”  A Fighting Tiger Techmarine doubles as my Enginseer, and I sometimes use a Librarian to represent Inquisitor Varman Kumar.

Because of my poor painting skills and kitbashed conversions, the army looks terribly ragtag.  But then, “combat-ready troops never pass inspection.”  Yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

General Tactics

“There's only one principle of war, and that's this.  Hit the other fellow, as quick as you can, and as hard as you can, where it hurts him most, when he ain't lookin'!” 
- Field Marshall Sir William Slim

Seriously, pretty much any unit or vehicle (or ally) can fit into this theme.  Diversity is the whole point, and they are easily tied together by their color scheme.  The catch is getting them to mesh together on the table as a whole.  I have tried a number of tactics, but still struggle to win games.  I'm often aggressive with my shorter-ranged vehicles, and use them to outflank my opponent while everything else pins him in place with heavy firepower. 


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Posted April 2012


Fighting Tigers:
Codex <> Tactics <> Gallery <> Allies and Enemies <> Tales of the Tigers

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