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Themed Army Ideas
Other Eldar Themed Army Ideas

Craftworld Mor-Seth Concept and army list by David Sharp
This Eldar Themed Army Idea is, in my opinion, another excellent example of how you can create a very distinctive force--without needing special rules--simply by questioning an established tenet of the 40K background. In this case, David Sharp questioned the supposition that the Eldar are a dying race. Perhaps, he wondered, every Craftworld is slowly dying out (as years of 40K "fluff" has told us)--every Craftworld, that is, but one. What if one Craftworld is NOT dying out? What if one Craftworld is actually gaining in numbers and strength? What would an army from such a Craftworld be like?

David sent me his army idea and I suggested a number of elements to support this theme of rebirth and regeneration. Here is a new hope for the Eldar, a Craftworld strong enough to face the Imperium and other aliens head on and defeat them: Craftworld Mor-Seth.

Craftworld Mor-Seth was recently discovered by a Fighting Company of Black Templars, led by Castellan Jeremiah Brok, en route to Armageddon. Dropping out of the Warp near the Imperial planet Taranis to pick up needed supplies for the Black Templars already on Armageddon, Brok and his Marines found Craftworld Mor-Seth moving away from Taranis, now a radioactive cinder devoid of life. 

Vowing to avenge the millions who had died on Taranis, Brok led an assault on the Craftworld but was surprised to find a huge and formidable counterforce waiting. The Eldar easily slew many Marines before the defeated Templars retreated. Brok was revolted to learn that all of the Eldar who had disgraced his Marines were female. 

Bound by his oath, Brok began a war of attrition, thinking that the typical Eldar lack of numbers would undo the aliens, but found again and again that such was not the case for the Mor-Seth. All that Brok could learn from interrogating a captured Ranger was that the Mor-Seth have a "Dark Secret of the Great Mother" which was the key to their massive population, but Brok and his entire Fighting Company were wiped out before they could learn that secret.

The Mor-Seth and their women warriors live on, as strong as ever. Not content to slip away into the darkness of uncharted space--as would other Craftworlds--they have struck again and again at the Black Templars. Perhaps they are taking vengeance for the sisters killed by Brok and his men. Perhaps they are finishing the destruction of that Chapter. Perhaps they are merely moving one step closer to their ultimate goal: the eradication of the human race.

The Mor-Seth are the future. The Imperium, the Orks, even the other Eldar cannot stop the Mor-Seth from achieving what the Great Mother demands. 

The Craftworld is led by the Great Mother, an Avatar in female form, but she is only roused in times of great need. Normally Queen Alvidron or Queen Lathira, Farseers both, lead the Mor-Seth, though other Queens reside on the craftworld.

Alvidron is often accompanied into battle by 5 Striking Scorpions, all male, and they fly into battle aboard her customized Falcon. Lathira, the most powerful Queen (and the only one who knows the Dark Secret of the Great Mother), is always accompanied by her bodyguard of male Warlocks. These bodyguards--the Scorpions and the Warlocks--for these two Queens are the only male Mor-Seth ever seen by enemy forces. All other troops are female.

Mor-Seth has only two Aspect Shrines, and perhaps this is related to the Dark Secret. The only Aspect Warriors a Mor-Seth force can take are Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions.

As per Codex: Eldar, though Dire Avengers may not be taken and Guardians may not be led by Warlocks. A Mor-Seth force must take at least two Guardian Squads (Storm or Defender), preferably of large size.

Fast Attack
As per Codex: Eldar, though Shining Spears and Swooping Hawks may not be taken. Guardian Jetbike Squads may not be led by Warlocks.

Heavy Support
As per Codex: Eldar, though Dark Reapers may not be taken and Support Weapon Batteries may not be led by Warlocks.

Modeling and Painting
Mor-Seth armor is Chaos Black (to reflect the Dark Secret) and various shades of blue to show their belief in the rebirth of the Eldar reign. Since everything used by the Craftworld is new, you should use a clean painting style with clear cut lines and a nice shiny varnish. Feel free to use as many insect designs (perhaps variations of the decorative runes found on the Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions shown in Codex: Eldar) on figures, especially the Aspect Warriors, Queens, and Warlocks.

General Tactics
The name Mor-Seth means "New Hope," and their battle host is known as the Crushing Web. With an enormous population and huge factories supplying almost limitless quantities of weapons, vehicles, and wargear, the Mor-Seth are very aggressive. Their heavily-armored Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions lead fast, hard-hitting strikes against the enemy as waves of Guardians advance to mop up survivors. In particular, the Mor-Seth seize every opportunity to engage the Black Templars and related Space Marine Chapters.

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© Copyright David Sharp and Kenton Kilgore, August 2000. 


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