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Themed Army Ideas
Other Space Marine Themed Army Ideas

Storm Warriors by Jennifer Burdoo
Jennifer Burdoo writes, "I wanted to invent a truly elite force; not Space Marines (lots of 'em already) but something better than the rather humdrum Storm Troopers in the IG codex. I also wanted something WWII-style. Well, the Predator looks distinctly like a Sherman, and Kenton's own Fighting Tigers gave me the idea to throw in something akin to P-40s. Recalling the British 14th Army and US 15th Air Force, which fought in Southeast Asia during WWII, I decided to design something along the lines of Commandos, Royal Marines, and other hard-bitten elite units. Hence the following."

As war heats up on the outskirts of the Imperium, even the Space Marines are stretched tight. A thousand men, no matter how tough or brave, can only do so much. Yet the masses of Imperial Guard are not nearly so well trained to hold back the tide that assails humanity. The result was a fusion of Marine and Guard. Despite vociferous opposition by those who feared the creation of Space Marine Legions under a new name, the Storm Warriors were formed.

Raised from the best and most experienced soldiers of the Imperial Guard and the Storm Troopers, the Storm Warriors are a cross between Marines and Guard, cheaper to train than the former, yet more reliable in battle than the latter.

When inducted into this experimental regiment, a Guardsman is injected with steroids and hormones, and subjected to difficult training not unlike that given to Space Marines. However, they are not granted the nineteen specialized marine implants, and this saves both time and cost. Dressed in carapace armor and granted some Marine equipment, they become as good as they can be while still remaining men. They become Storm Warriors.

Storm Warriors are regarded by Guardsmen as akin to Space Marines, and may even be mistaken for them. Actual Marines, on the other hand, think of Storm Warriors as tougher Storm Troopers at best
and heretical Marine imitators at worst. Whatever their allies may think, a Storm Warriors company is flexible and able to meet any challenge. Due to their abilities and relatively light equipment
compared to their Guard counterparts, they are most often used for scouting or sneak attacks.

Space Marine Leader as per Codex: Space Marines. This represents a senior Storm Warrior with the prestige to be issued a suit of power armor, though without the Black Carapace that would make it less heavy and more flexible. He should not have an Iron Halo or Artificer Armor.


Space Marine Scouts. These represent the bulk of the Storm Warriors. Trained on varying but excellent equipment, they can accomplish almost any task.

Fast Attack
Scout Bikes, Land Speeders (any flavor). Bikes similar to those of Space Marines are sometimes issued to provide a fast element. More often, Land Speeders provide excellent recon and fire platforms.

Heavy Support
Any Rhino chassis tank (Predator, Vindicator, Whirlwind). The Space Marine armor devised on the Rhino is lighter than Imperial Guard issue, but typically quicker and with a far lower profile.

Painting and Modeling
Sharkmouth design on a Land SpeederSince the army is intended to suggest Guard rather than Marine heritage, drab colors such as Bubonic Brown and Camo Green would work better than the bright patterns and heraldry of Space Marines. Since I was initially inspired by WWII jungle warfare, I would probably try Camo or Dark Angels Green with Chaos Black stripes, and add shark mouths to the land speeders (at right) for a distinctly 1940's look. I'd also add lots of bits from the plastic jungle trees for a forest feel. Winter and desert schemes would also be easy to do. 

As for models, normal scouts would work, but you might convert regular Guardsmen too. This is an unusual theme, so take the opportunity and do something interesting with your models so it looks less like a "substitute" army. Put Scouts in the 'speeders and tank cupolas, and convert as much as you can.

General Tactics
Possibilities vary, depending on the vehicles chosen and the equipment issued to the scouts. In any event, the army is unlikely to climb higher than 2000 points with the relatively few choices. So this
is a true "mini-army" and should therefore be made as flexible as possible. With tanks for firepower, Land Speeders for speed, and Scouts easily customized for whatever purpose you choose, that shouldn't be hard. More specifically, Scouts and Land Speeders have an advantage in
heavy terrain. Also remember that if you leave tanks behind, you can Deep Strike.

Optional Rules
It might be a good idea to use the Salamanders codex, so that their Initiative 3 makes the "jumped-up Guard" a little less powerful. You could also ignore the They Shall Know No Fear rule if you don't mind penalizing yourself. 

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© Copyright Jennifer Burdoo, October 2002. Used with permission.


Fighting Tigers:
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