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King of the Hill

King of the Hill: Battle #6 by Kenton Kilgore and Patrick Eibel

This, our latest campaign, will pit several armies from the most recent codices against each other to provide some sort of comparison on how well they perform.  Hereís how theyíve done so far: 

  • Battle #1:  Chaos Space Marines defeated Space Marines (Ultramarine Tactics)
  • Battle #2:  Space Marines (Ultramarine Tactics) defeated Tyranids
  • Battle #3:  Eldar defeated Tyranids
  • Battle #4:  Eldar defeated Chaos Space Marines
  • Battle #5:  Tyranids defeated Chaos Space Marines (and Allied Chaos Daemons)

For this, the final fight of the campaign, weíll see how my Space Marines fare against Pat's Eldar.    

Fighting Tigers of Veda Space Marines (1998 points) by Kenton Kilgore

As Iím sure Iíve mentioned before, Iíve overhauled my massive collection of Stripeypants Marines into several thematic lists, making sure that every unit I own is slotted somewhere, and rarely repeating units.  This list is my Deep Striking list, where the bulk of it comes in from Reserves either by Drop Pod or jump packs. 

It features: 

  • Raja Khandar Madu.  Chapter Master w/ jump pack, two lightning claws, and melta bombs
  • Zaghnal Maratha.  Librarian (Mastery Level 1) w/ jump pack
  • Squad Indra 4, Mh.  Five Vanguard Veterans w/ jump packs; the Sergeant has a relic blade
  • Shiva the Destroyer.  Venerable Dreadnought w/ extra armor, heavy flamer, assault cannon.  Drop Pod w/ deathwind launcher, locator beacon
  • Shrendi Vashtar.  Dreadnought w/ extra armor, heavy flamer.  Drop Pod w/ deathwind launcher, locator beacon 
  • Squad Rudra 4 Mh.  Sergeant w/ power fist and combi-flamer; one Tactical Marine w/ plasma gun; one w/ heavy bolter; seven w/ bolters.  Drop Pod
  • Squad Rudra 4 Gh.  Sergeant w/ power fist; one Tactical Marine w/ flamer; one w/ missile launcher; seven w/ bolters.  Drop Pod
  • Squad Rudra 6 Mh.  Sergeant and three Tactical Marines w/ bolters; one w/ plasma gun
  • Squad Rudra 6 Gh.  Sergeant and three Tactical Marines w/ bolters; one w/ plasma gun
  • Vedic Siege Gun.  Counts as Stalker w/ Icarus stormcannon array
  • Sabretooth.  Counts as Stalker w/ Icarus stormcannon array
  • Squad Kali 1 Mh.  Veteran Sergeant w/ power fist; two Assault Marines w/ flamers; seven w/ bolt pistols and close combat weapons
  • Squad Kali 1 Gh.  Veteran Sergeant w/ power fist; two Assault Marines w/ flamers; seven w/ bolt pistols and close combat weapons

In battle, the two Dreads drop in first, their locator beacons guiding the two other pods as well as the jumpers, with the Redhead teaming up with Zaghnal and the Vanguard Vets.  The smaller Tac squads hold objectives, while the Stalkers provide long-range fire support.  Thatís the plan, any way: letís see how it holds up against the tricksy pointy-ears.


Lotus Storm of Impossible Contemplation Eldar Warhost (1997 points)  by Patrick Eibel

This is a portion of an army that my wife started 20 years ago, during the 2nd Edition days.  She's an excellent painter, and did it all in various metallic colors.  When she stopped playing, I took over the army and have expanded it.

  • Asurman
  • 2 Warlocks
  • 10 Dire Avengers, including Exarch w/ twin catapults and Disarming Strike power.  Wave Serpent Transport w/ twin scatter lasers and hull shuriken catapult
  • 10 Dire Avengers including Exarch with power sword and shimmershield.  Wave Serpent Transport as above
  • 10 Guardians with shuriken cannon.  Wave Serpent Transport as above
  • 10 Guardians with starcannon.  Wave Serpent Transport as above
  • 6 Fire Dragons.  Falcon Transport w/ pulse laser, shuriken cannon, and hull shuriken catapult, spirit stones and holo-field
  • 6 Dark Reapers.  Falcon Transport w/ pulse laser, missile launcher, spirit stones and holo-field.

This is my Mech Eldar list.  There are only four Wave Serpents because that is what I have (and no I do not want to convert the Falcon to Serpents no matter how much more effective they would be).  I chose a lot of this army to shoot, shoot, and shoot some more while still having superior mobility.  In the event of an assault, I had Asurman and his D3 Warlord traits to lay a beat down.   

Set-Up by Kenton Kilgore

We played at Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD, on a 6' x 4' table with a good amount of scenery already set up.  Rolling for Warlord Traits, I came up with Storm of Fire, from Codex: Space Marines.  Asurmanís Warlord Traits were Ambush of Blades and Seer of Shifting Vector, from Codex: Eldar.


For our psychic powers, my Librarian, Zaghnal Maratha, stuck to the Pyromancy discipline and received Fiery Form in addition to Flame Breath (the Primaris power).  Patís Warlocks received Enhance/Drain, and Conceal for the first; Protect/Jink and Conceal for the second. 


The remaining mission and deployment combination that we had not yet used in the campaign were Big Guns Never Tire and Dawn of War, respectively.  We place four objectives, remembering that they were Mysterious Objectives (often, we forget): one was nothing special, two were targeting relays, and one produced a scatterfield.


I set up first, putting my two small Tactical Squads atop the two objectives in my deployment zone, and flanking each of them with a Hunter.  Everything else was in Reserve.  Similarly, Pat stashed his Dark Reapers inside the building in his deployment zone, one floor down from the objective on top, and he kept everything else in Reserve.    

Turn 1 by Kenton Kilgore

I started the show with both my Dreadnoughts coming in via Drop Pod, as previously mentioned.  Emerging from his ride, Shrendi Vashtar unleashed his multi-melta against the building, nicely flattening it, and killing 2 Dark Reapers and pinning the survivors as the walls came a-tumbliní down.  A blast from a deathwind launcher from one of the pods took out another Reaper.  Patís guys made their Morale check and stayed put, unable to do anything in response.   

That brown cratered spot was all that was left of a building after Shrendi Vashtar (the brown and mustard Dreadnought conversion) got done with it 


Turn 2

Both of my other Drop Pods arrived from Reserve, with the Tactical Marines grabbing objectives.  The brown-and-white Assault Marines of Squad Kali Ghuyarashtra also come onto the board, following the signal from the locator beacon of the Dreadnoughtsí Pods.  Firing from the Tactical Marines polished off the Dark Reapers, while my Assault Marines ran for the cover in the middle of the board to deal with the Eldar counterattack.


Of course, I did not have long to wait.  On Patís turn, both his Guardian Squads came on, with their rides, as did the Falcon, which disgorged the Fire Dragons.  The ĎDragons ran forward and shot poor Shiva, taking him out in a massive explosion that I almost negated with the Ven Dreadís ability to re-roll damage results.  My consolation prize was that three of the Fire Dragons evaporated in the explosion.


Combining fire, Wave Serpents and one unit of Guardians dropped 6 Marines from my orange-and-black Tactical Marines, Rudra 4 Mahaduyana.  My guys held and called for reinforcements.


Turn 3

Said reinforcements from Reserves consisted only of the black-and-white Assault Marines.  As my Fighting Tigers are an Ultramarine successor, I called upon them to use the Tactical Doctrine from Codex: Space Marines, which lets infantry re-roll ď1ísĒ when shooting (Tactical Squads re-roll misses).  The newly-arrived Kali Mahaduyana shot dead the rest of the Fire Dragons, and Squad Rudra Gh (the brown-and-mustard ones) killed 8 Guardians, causing the rest of them to break and fall back off the table.


My Stalkers fired on the Falcon, with the Vedic Siege Gun whiffing against it, and the Sabretooth penetrating and shaking it (which it ignored thanks to spirit stones).


On Patís turn, the rest of his army came on the board, disembarking from their transports.  The Falcon returned fire on the Sabretooth, with two glancing hits (and thus, -2 Hull Points). 


Both units of Dire Avengers and their Wave Serpents fired on Kali Mh, wiping them out.  Rending from the Guardiansí shuriken catapults and cannon took out three of four surviving members of Rudra 4 Mh.  Wave Serpents gunned down 5 of my other full Tactical Squad, as well as two members of my five-man Rudra Mh squad holding an objective in a ruin.  Finally, Patís other Falcon managed knock a Hull Point off Shrendi Vashtar.     


Turn 4

As expected, the battle was becoming a close-range bloodbath.  Raja Khandar Madu, Zaghnal, and the Vanguard Veterans entered the fight, dropping in from Reserve.  Using her authority as a Chapter Master, The Redhead called in an orbital strike, killing nine Dire Avengers and taking a Wound off Asurmen (who escaped Instant Death thanks to having Eternal Warrior).  The plasma gunner from Rudra 4 Mh killed the last Avenger from that squad, leaving the Phoenix Lord exposed.


Alas, I could not capitalize on this vulnerability: Rudra 4 Gh fired on Asurmen, but were not able to take even a single extra Wound from him.  The Vedic Siege Gun Stalker did manage to shake a Wave Serpent, but that was it.


Patís forces advanced, with the Phoenix Lord joining the other Dire Avengers.  While the Warlock succeeded in Draining my remaining Assault Squad (-1 WS, -1 I), he suffered from Perils of the Warp and was killed. 


Firing from various troops and transports wrecked the Sabretooth; killed four Assault Marines; dropped four Vanguard Veterans and two Wounds off Khandar Madu; took out one from Rudra 4 Gh, and the last member of the 10-man black-and-orange Tactical Marines. 

Turn 5

I was rapidly running out of bodies, and it was past time to stop turtling and fight like tigers!  Kali Gh jumped from cover, losing two to Difficult Terrain tests, but speed was called for. 


In the Shooting Phase, a deathwind launcher from a Drop Pod took out four Dire Avengers, and Rudra Gh 4 shot another Wound off the Phoenix Lord.  Vashtarís multi-melta immobilized a Wave Serpent, but the Vedic Siege Gun once again whiffed against the Falcon.


The surviving Assault Marines and Vanguard Vets charged the Guardians, with The Redhead killing six, and the others mopping up the rest.  Would Pat respond by hurling the Phoenix Lord against my Chapter Master?



Noónot yet, at least.  Shooting took out the last of the Assault Marines, killed three Tac Marines of Rudra 4 Gh, glanced Vashtar, and knocked a Wound each off Khandar and Zaghnal (she starts off with 4; he comes with 2).  My forces fell back: Rudra Gh going 12", The Redhead and Friends going 8".


We rolled to see if the game would go on: if it stopped, I would be the winner.  Patís Loyal Green Die ô had other plans, though, and the game went on.


Turn 6

Ah, but itís good to be a Space Marine. Rallying with the help of And They Shall Know No Fear, my squads moved back towards the objectives they had just abandoned.  In the Shooting Phase, the Vedic Siege Gun wrecked a Falcon.  In the Assault Phase, Khandar and her squad failed a charge through Difficult Terrain to reach the Dire Avengers, and the Vanguard Veteran Sergeant was killed by Overwatch fire.   


Eldar advanced on the objectives, all but the one held in the far corner by the five-man Tac Squad Rudra 6 Ghuyarashtra (remember them)?  Firing by the other Falcon and the Wave Serpent did nothing to Vashtar, firmly planted in cover on his objective.  Wave Serpents took out two from the 5-man Rudra Mahaduyana squad, trying to huddle behind cover, and eliminated Raja Khandar Madu.  Dire Avengers gunned down Zaghnal Maratha.


We rolled to see if the game would go on: if it stopped, I would be the winner.  Patís Loyal Green Die ô said otherwise. 


Turn 7

On my turn, Vashtarís multi-melta glanced one of the many Wave Serpents arrayed against him, and the Vedic Siege Gun did nothing against the other Falcon threatening my Dread.


The Eldar continued moving towards the objectives, blasting the last members of Rudra 4 Gh and Rudra Mh 6, contesting the formerís objective and claiming the latterís.  The battleóand the campaignówere over.


Final Score

Lotus Storm of Impossible Contemplation: 9 Victory Points (Two objectives; Linebreaker; Slay the Warlord; destroyed one enemy Heavy Support unit)

Fighting Tigers of Veda: 6 Victory Points (One objective; Linebreaker; First Blood; destroyed one enemy Heavy Support unit)

Post-Game Analysis by Patrick Eibel

So, I won, but only because I got two extra turns to do so.  Eldar are like bullies: they are all tough when they have you on the ropes, but pop Ďem in the nose, and they fold like a cheap suit. 


Mixed metaphors aside, I made a bunch of mistakes that should have cost me the game (and actually did).  The battle you just read about is actually the third time we played the scenario.  The first time, I wrongly thought you could Deep Strike Wave Serpents; apparently, that must have been from a past edition, because neither Kenton nor I could find the rule, and we only realized our error after the game (a win for the Eldar). 

In that first game, Raja Khandar Madu and Asurmen fought hand-to-hand...and The Redhead won!


The second time we played lasted one turn, as I foolishly put the Dark Reapers on top of the building.  The Dreadnoughtís heavy flamers and the deathwind launchers of the Drop Pods easily struck down all six clustered Reapers and left me with no one on the board, thus ending the game. 


Thinking that would make for a terrible battle report, Kenton allowed me a do-over, and I put the Reapers inside the building, where they would be harder to kill.  They made it to Turn Two, but when the building came down, I nearly had a heart attack.  It was a dangerous gambit to start with so few models on the board, and having them be an expensive Heavy Support unit was probably not wise. 


Speaking about expensive units, I would probably not bring Reapers again.  I could save 50 points and bring another unit of Fire Dragons instead, and have points left over for a Vyper. Dropping the Warlocks would get me another Vyper, as the Warlocks really didnít do much.


Ultimately though, if Kenton wants to win a game with Random Game Length, he should not let me roll the Loyal Green Die ô.



Post-Game Analysis  by Kenton Kilgore

This was far from the first time that Random Game Length has screwed me over: now that it has happened again, Iíve renamed that rule Play Until Pat Wins.  Because while Pat is my friend, RGL is certainly NOT.

No matter what army you use, playing against the latest version of the Eldar is a big challenge, especially when your opponent knows what theyíre doing.   In retrospect, I would have been better-served with Predators with lascannons instead of the Stalkers, and with melta guns in the Assault- and Tactical Squads (and multi-meltas, too).  While I was able to knock out most of Patís infantry, his vehicles did me in and won the day for him.  


King of the Hill
Introduction <> Battle #1 <> Battle #2 <> Battle #3 <> Battle #4 <> Battle #5 <>  Battle #6 <> Conclusion

Posted January 2015



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