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Stand-Alone Pieces: Fighting Tiger Bunker #2 (“Dark Eldar” Bunker)
Bunkers are handy fortifications used to protect your troops. In 3rd Edition, you use them in the Bunker Assault, Strongpoint, and Blitz missions. You can find rules for using them on page 133 of the main rulebook: basically, they're considered an immobile vehicle with an Armor Value of 13 on each side. Troops on the roof count as having a 4+ cover save.

My motto concerning terrain is that terrain doesn't have to be boring, and of course this applies to bunkers as well. I built the bunkers you see here and on the previous page using plans originally published several years ago in White Dwarf magazine. Instead of using cardboard, like they suggested, I used wood, because if I'm going to take the trouble to build a piece of terrain I want it to be durable.

Bunker Specifications
Each bunker is a cube, 3 1/2" on each side. I made the main structure of each bunker by gluing together wooden blocks--yes, plain wooden blocks like the type a toddler might play with (my daughter had outgrown hers). The main structure was 3 blocks wide, 3 blocks long, and 2 blocks high. Then I glued strips of balsa wood along the top to make a wall that would protect troops on the roof. 

I glued several sheets of stiff cardboard together and attached them to the bottom of the structure for a base. I painted the bunker Codex Grey, to resemble stone, and the base Chaos Black, to look like asphalt.

The “Dark Eldar” Bunker
My second bunker also commemorates another moment in Fighting Tiger history: the  victory over the Kabal of the Ozone Scorpions and the capture of their Archon, Syryx Lynatharr. This was the Tigers' first assignment as the newly created Chapter #531, and with that victory, the Tigers freed the Regulus system from the Dark Eldar and established a home for themselves on Veda. I built this bunker similar to the “Chaos Bunker” so as to make a set, one depicting the Tigers' greatest victory, the other depicting the Tigers' greatest defeat. Each bunker is the same size, made of the same materials, and uses statues and captured enemy paraphernalia as decorations.

Holds 5 Marines--perfect for Devastator Squads
The view from above: The roof easily holds 5 Space Marines

Front view 
With a name like the Ozone Scorpions, the bad guys have to use one of those nasty arachnids as their symbol. To decorate the front, I used a GW Giant Scorpion figure from the Warhammer fantasy line. I ordered it through the mail, and by happy accident, when it arrived it had two tails--so I used them both, giving the scorpion emblem a subtle but appropriately weird look.

The front view--dig that double tail!
Above: The twin-tailed Ozone Scorpion emblem

Side views 
Similar to the “Chaos Bunker,” this one uses statues of Dark Eldar to decorate the sides. On each side, I used three Dark Eldar figures: two with splinter rifles on the "outside" and a special Dark Eldar figure in the middle. As you can see, the middle figure in the photo on the left is a female Sybarite; the middle figure in the photo on the right bears a splinter cannon.

Left sideRight side
Left: Side view; the entry door is a hatch from a Rhino model
Right: Side view; the statue in the middle holds a splinter cannon 

Rear view 
Like the “Chaos Bunker,” this one too has a captured battle flag. Because Dark Eldar in black has been done so many times, I decided the Ozone Scorpion colors are silver and blue: "sky" colors that fit in with the first part of their name. 

RearClose-up of battle flag
Left: Rear view, with Sybarite statue in the middle
Right: Close-up of battle standard

The flag uses Mithral Silver, Moody Blue, and Shadow Grey. The scorpion emblem is a transfer from the original Land Raider set. The "Eldar runes" are Robotech stickers, and the red "m" is a stylized version of the astrological symbol for Scorpio.

Introduction <> Stand-Alone Pieces 

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