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Events and Battle Reports
Counter Offensive 2
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Counter Offensive 2: Rampage in Rockville  by Kenton Kilgore
…And now for something completely silly. At Counter Offensive 2, two of my friends and I decided to run an off-beat scenario inspired by Japanese monster movies and the 1980’s video game “Rampage.” 

A screen shot from "Rampage," where one played the part 
of a giant monster attacking a city 

The Players
Brian Collett had converted a Forge World figure and used the “Tyranid Monstrosities” rules from the 2001 Chapter Approved tome to represent a huge, fast creature (“Monster X”) that could shoot spikes. I brought along my Godzilla figure, which also uses the “Monstrosities” rules. Rob Van Pelt-Cathcart brought his Armored Company

Brian and Monster X

Above: Brian and Monster X. Below: Me and Godzilla

Me and Godzilla

The Scenario
We put two gaming tables (each about 6' long) end-to-end and placed urban terrain all over it. Monster X (weighing in at just under 1000 points) started at one end of the two tables; Godzilla (1000 points strong) came on at the end of the other table. Rob’s Armored Company (2000 points) split in half and deployed near the center, where the two table ends met. The narrative assumption was that in a cruel coincidence (common to movies of this genre), both monsters were simultaneously attacking an Imperial city. The monsters were not allies, however, and would assuredly attack each other, given the chance. 

Thus, the job of the monsters was to scamper (in the case of Monster X) or plod (in Godzilla’s case) towards the center of the city, smashing buildings along the way. Each building had AV 14, would be struck automatically in close combat, and would be destroyed by two hits that either glanced or penetrated. Each beast was also trying to get into combat with the other to see who was really “King of the Monsters.”

The job of Rob’s army, as the Beleaguered Defenders of Humanity, was to defend the city. While it would make good tactical sense for Rob to throw his entire army at one monster, knock it out, then turn to the other, we decided that “High Command” had made the decision that his force was to engage both monsters simultaneously: ignoring one monster to kill another would accomplish little if the city was destroyed. We agreed that because of their size, the monsters could fire on one target and assault another. We also decided that the monsters would go first and that the battle would last until all the buildings had been destroyed (meaning, a loss for Rob) or only one force was left standing. 

What Happened?
The two behemoths came onto the board on Turn 1. Godzilla used his radioactive fire-breathing ability to melt one of Rob’s Vanquishers. First blood to the true “King of the Monsters!” I cranked up the volume on my trash talk, informing Brian that that was only a hint of the ass-whooping that Big G would lay on his pathetic, so-called “monster.” Rob, however, had the last word in the first turn as his tanks opened fire: knocking two Mass Points off each beast. OUCH!

On Turn 2, Godzilla incinerated a Sentinel, then assaulted and pulverized a building. Monster X likewise destroyed a building. Rob, in typical workmanlike fashion, knocked off another Mass Point on Monster X and two more from Godzilla. 

Godzilla advances
Above: Godzilla advances under heavy fire from the Imperial Guard

At this point, Brian began to maneuver Monster X between buildings to minimize the amount of fire that Rob could throw at his champion. Bah! Such ducking and hiding may befit other, lesser monsters, but not Big G, who flamed another Leman Russ but could not harm it, then crushed another building underfoot. Monster X showed my guy how to do it, destroying a Leman Russ with a volley of high-velocity spikes. Brian’s girl (Monster X is female) then whiffed against a weedy Chimera that she assaulted, however. Continuing to do what he does best, Rob pasted Godzilla for another Mass Point. Sheesh!

Monster X vs. a Chimera
Above: Monster X takes her show on the road against a Chimera

Godzilla flambéed a Basilisk on Turn 4, immobilizing it—gee, how useful. Monster X crunched an Exterminator tank and was rewarded by a load of heavy bolter fire that scored a wound. Godzilla missed the Basilisk on Turn 5, but it didn’t miss him, scoring a wound. My champion assuaged his pain by destroying another building, while Monster X tore the turret off a Demolisher. 

On Turn 6, Godzilla’s breath weapon destroyed the Earthshaker cannon on the Basilisk, effectively ending its noise. He also charged and trampled underfoot two buildings—booyah! Monster X shook a tank in the Shooting Phase, then tore up a building, but suffered another wound from Rob’s gunnery. On Turn 7, still plodding towards the center of the city, Big G shook a Leman Russ with his fiery breath, while Monster X shook another tank and destroyed a building. Rob wounded Monster X again, but if Rob didn’t hurry up, there would be nothing left of the city to save!

The city under attack
Above: Rob and his tanks try to save the city from both monsters

On Turn 8, Godzilla missed while “shooting” at a Conqueror tank but inflicted five mighty hits on the huge cathedral in the center of town, destroying it—a psychological victory, if nothing else. After Monster X destroyed another building, Rob retaliated by wounding X once and Big G twice—things were looking grim for Our Reptilian Hero. Turn 9 saw Monster X fire its spines to shoot the battlecannon off a Leman Russ, then duck behind a building (translation: made her cover save) to avoid taking another wound. The Guard tagged Godzilla AGAIN (sigh).

Godzilla flattens a cathedral
Above: Swinging his tail, Godzilla flattens the cathedral in the center of the city

On Turn 10, the monsters moved ever closer, stalking each other. Godzilla smashed a Leman Russ underfoot but continued to ignore the Hellhound and Chimera that had been following him for several turns. Monster X took out another building, but the two beasts had closed the gap between them and finally, titans would clash!

Monster X and Godzilla face off
Above: Monster X and Godzilla face off to see who is truly "King of the Monsters"

Both monsters missed each with their ranged attacks, then slammed into each other for claw-to-claw combat. Monster X landed a blow below the belt, dropping Godzilla, but her triumph was short-lived, as a heavy bolter from Rob brought her down. The Imperial Guard won the day! 

Above: The King is dead! Long live the Queen! Monster X defeats Godzilla

Post-Game Analysis
Despite going 11 turns, the game went by quickly—it doesn’t take took long to move a single (albeit, large) figure, fire an attack, then assault a stationary target that can’t swing back. No agonizing over tactics, either, at least for Brian and me: just wade through the terrain, crush anything underfoot, and fire on/smash any tanks (like that pesky Basilisk) that give you grief. 

Monster X was more nimble and could make better use of the terrain, but was not as tough and strong as Godzilla. Big G’s problem was that he was such a huge target that he was easy to hit with Ordnance weapons—a blast would have to deviate by 4 or more inches to miss him. The game was a lot of fun, and I hope to do something similar soon. 

Counter Offensive 2
Introduction <> Space Marines <> Orks and Tyranids <> Imperial Guard <>Necrons
Witch Hunters <> Dark Eldar <> Space Wolves <> Rampage in Rockville

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© Copyright Kenton Kilgore, September 2005


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