Less is More

a guest article by Gareth Topping

IT’S ALL TOO EASY to have too much of a good thing, and that certainly rings true for Warhammer 40,000.  Oh sure, it’s all well and good to propose a six-player, 10,000 point mega-battle with more tanks and Titans on the table than infantry, but as with most things the reality sadly doesn’t live up to the fantasy.

This is mostly because 40k tends to collapse under its own weight at games of 2,000 points or more (or 100 Power, if you’re a casual scrub like me who uses Power Ratings, aka one of the better things that 8th Edition introduced), simply because the rules aren’t optimised to work at that sort of size.  I’ve always held the opinion that things like super-heavy tanks, Knights (and their filthy xenos equivalents like Stompas and Riptides), and flyers basically don’t belong in normal-scale 40k.

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