Armies of the Jungle: Kult of Speed

by Patrick Eibel

The Jungle is turning 20 years old, and we’re celebrating! Come back every day from February 2 through February 8 for new material! 

In this series, we showcase armies used by your humble Jungle Guides. By detailing how the army was collected, how the background and color schemes were developed, and how the army is used on the battlefield, we hope that this series will provide inspiration for those interested in collecting similar armies.

The Drukhari struck as the line of Ork ramshackle vehicles entered the canyon, dark lances firing beams of energy blacker than the night, the splinter weapons of the Hellions and Scourges bringing down an entire mob of Ork Bikers.

If the Dark Eldar thought that the Greenskins could be cowed by an impressive opening volley, they were sure to be mistaken.  “Oi!” Speedo bellowed, pointing into the darkness where their enemies lurked.  “Da fun’s not ovah, ladz!  Lookee dere!  At ‘em, triple time quick quick!  Last one dere’s a Stuntie!”

The warband roared ahead, Boyz cackling as they loaded fresh ammunition into their shootas.  After running down—and gunning down—the last of the fleeing humans that had set up this archeological dig that the Orks had attacked, Speedo’s ladz had reluctantly turned back, with the bittersweet realization that there was no one left to kill, and that they would have to content themselves with mere looting. 

But now!  Now, there was a new enemy, one they hadn’t tangled with for quite some time.  Joy surged in their chests, as their Trukks bashed, scraped, and shoved each other as their drivers sought to get there first.

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