Veda In the Balance Campaign, Battle #1: Old Grudges Die Hard

by Patrick Eibel and Kenton Kilgore

Huron Blackheart strode from the hastily constructed shanty he was using as a headquarters, and joined the Master of Executions, who was standing in the shadows of the fuel dispensary.  The two made a grotesque pair, one disfigured in a long-ago explosion that left his face hideously scarred, the other encased in the skull armor of his station.  They surveyed the Red Corsair warband making preparations for battle throughout the bivouac. 

“It will be soon,” rasped Huron, “that our old friends the Fighting Tigers will be in the area.  No doubt, they intend, like us, to use these abandoned fueling stations to supply their ships.”

The Master of Executions grunted.  “The men are not ready.  We are too few to wage a full battle as yet.”  His voice was flat, dead, the creak of a coffin lid.

“I agree.”  If the leader of the Red Corsair warband took any affront to his lieutenant’s lack of deference, he showed no concern.

 A dull hum could be heard off in the distance, and Huron turned to watch as a plume of dust approached, kicked up by a rapidly moving vehicle.  “That is why I have made other arrangements.”  He waved to the others in the warband to let the vehicle approach.

With a loud rumble, a ramshackle bike-like vehicle skidded into the encampment.  A large, green Ork disembarked, and, spewing a string of profanity, made his way to the two Red Corsair leaders.

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Deployment for Dumbasses (Like Me): Heavy Support, Part 2

Proper deployment is at least as important to winning as having a good army list is. Though I am by no means a master tactician, I will share with you what I've learned by trial and error (mostly error). 

The lessons in this series won't get fancy or complex: this is basic information that new players or dumbasses like me need to know and remember to better their chances at victory. 

This article was originally posted in 2015, and has been updated for 8th Edition rules.

Welcome to the second installment of this series on how to better deploy your 40K forces.  Previously, I discussed best practices for placing Heavy Support units whose main strength is shooting: Space Marine Devastator Squads and Predators, Eldar Dark Reapers, Tau Broadsides, Tyranid Exocrines, etc.

Though most Heavy Support units’ primary task is the shooting of very large guns, a few units are more dedicated to close combat, or for conveying troops from one location to another.  There are enough of these units  to warrant their own article.  Here are some examples:

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